A word from our Italian Shoe maker:


We believe all shoe lovers deserve the best Italy has to offer at an affordable price. We call it the new “Made in Italy." While those three words are known all over the world as a hallmark of fashion and quality, our innovative production process has allowed us to honor Italy's centuries-old tradition of fine footwear while fulfilling the modern customer’s demand for comfort and value.


And while comfort and value are emphasized, in true Italian tradition, style is never compromised. We believe creativity is to footwear what fuel is to an engine — it is what motivates and drives. Our creative hub is Tuscany, where every season our designers are tasked with developing exciting new concepts. But even before they put pencil to paper, the creative process has actually begun around the world. We shop the globe to analyze trends in the industry, and we talk to our customers to learn what they feel is important.


It is this ongoing conversation with the world's shoe lovers that motivates Italian Shoemakers to constantly exceed expectations and deliver our brand of "Made in Italy" — hand-craftsmanship, fine materials, rich artistry and first-class style at affordable prices.

100% Designed & Made in Italy ... Obviously With Love.