6 ways to prevent body acne

Blackheads and whiteheads can appear anywhere on the face, chest, back, or even lower body! Breakouts on the body are most common on those with genetically oily skin. However, they can also occur on those who use comedogenic or acnegenic lotions, or body care products.

Here are 6 tips to help control and prevent body acne:

  • Wear natural fibers, or fabrics specifically engineered to wick moisture away from the skin. This is especially important if you're working out.
  • Experiencing acne where you carry a backpack or purse?  Carry a bag with your hands instead.
  • Shower as soon as possible after perspiring. If you can’t shower, carry a travel-friendly product containing Salicylic Acid to help purify and clear skin of excess oils.
  • Wash the affected areas with a cleanser designed for acne-prone skin.
  • After allowing the skin to dry, apply a treatment product containing Benzoyl Peroxide to the affected areas.
  • If you often suffer from dry skin, moisturize with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. Excessively dry skin can lead to breakouts.

Ode to Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier


Oh Clearing Mattifier, summer weather is approaching... Oh, this ghastly heat..!
I feel the heat upon my oily skin.  Now again, with all my shine present, how do I love thee? I must confess- let me count the ways...! 

You're there for me in the morning, just before my moisturizer.  Your velvety, matte finish offers great make-up priming benefits! 

During my day, you keep my skin matte and allow me no worries: your purification benefits clear my pores to treat & prevent breakouts!  

Towards the end of my day for a refresh, (instead of reapplying powder) I reapply YOU!  My skin once again feels clean and refreshed.  

Your hydration and oil absorbers are top notch- I never feel tight or dry.  

So this ode to you- Clearing Mattifier and heck- an Ode to Summer!  As long as I have you in my purse, I'll get through this one, and shall look forward to the next.  

Ultimate Skin Expert Advice By Hayley

Skin is awesome- it braves the elements for us everyday.  Water is awesome. Your skin loves it. It wants more than what we drink. Support your skin where it is- on the surface. Put your water ON. Good hydration remedies a multitude of unsightlies from fine-lines to rough textures to congested pores (making difficult extractions easy).  You can get your hydration in different forms, so you find the one you'll actually use like boosters, masques, cleansers or daily moisturizers.

Here are my I'd-punch-you-if-you-tried-to-take-aways:
Regarding hydration:
the Skin Hydrating Booster, Skin Hydrating Masque, Essential Cleansing Solution, Ultra Calming Cleanser, Intensive Moisture Balance.  (10% off if you tell me this inspired you)
Your skin works really hard. Let it drink.  
Ultimate Skin Expert

The Dermalogica Product and why I use it- by Jess (Salon Co-Owner)

So before Dermalogica- I had used nearly all the terrible products and I had spent a fortune taking care of my oily skin, with adult acne.  Yep- I wasn't happy with my skin so I continued trying new products. When I met Hayley- she helped me develop a skin treatment plan that helped me manage my skin problems.  I have to say that you have to be committed and have a routine- also don't be afraid to ask Hayley questions- she answers via text also.  So here's what cleared my skin up and my routine is easy, simple and really not expensive.  Every morning I use the daily Micro-Foliant by Dermalogica - this stuff really gets into my oily pores- but does so gently without drying my skin out and making it feel sensitive.  I keep mine up high on the shower ledge to keep it dry- this stuff is powdery magic stuff that does emulsify with water. I pour some right on to the palm (nickle size amount) in my hand with just a little water to activate it, I then begin rubbing it together with my hands this (emulsifies) it- and creates a nice lather.  When applying it- CLOSE YOUR EYES- and use your finger tips in a circular like movement around your oily spots and gently rub over your decollete. Rinse and you are all finished up.  Phase II before applying make up- It's moisturizing and  SPF time.  Ladies I don't know if you've ever tried a toner but this stuff is amazing- it's one of my favorite parts of the morning- like coffee or some good music on the drive to work.  The first step in phase II is the ultra calming toner- close your eyes and spray on your face and decollete at will until you feel hydrated.  Second I use the multivitamin power firm by Dermalogica, this stuff has all these anti-aging ingredients and skin vitamins- I use a half a dime size and apply to the areas where I might have fine lines- final step is my SPF 50 that has a moisturizer in it-It's part of the power bright line also by Dermalogica two in one- practical stuff is lovely.  I also use a skin primer by Dermalogica, it's really light and a little goes a long way and looks so natural.  My skin feels so good all day and  my skin has stopped getting so oily- I feel like my skin was trying to fight (with acne) all the terrible stuff I was trying and now I think my skin is saying "thank you" with no more breakouts- I use this routine every morning and every night- except at night instead of SPF I use the active moist by Dermalogica.  Thank you Hayley and thank you Dermalogica nuff said.

A little bit about the Wineding and our values

So we wanted to start this blog to let our customers and anyone interested in beauty tips know- we are here just for you. Here's the thing: Hayley and I the Wineding founders, are just like you- we want beauty to be simple and fun- and for everyone. We've all been to salons that look like farms- one chair after the other and you are either rushed out or feel completely bombarded by what is going on around you. Well at least that's me- I'm the regular 30 something - shy, professional. I need my hair and beauty routine to be easy because my day to day job is a challenge. I like privacy and I don't like salons that look like farms.  So Hayley who is the mad talent and me the business brain came up with the Wineding- it's a place designed to make the beauty experience comfortable and professional. The Wineding is unique- it's set apart by that privacy and we assure our customers that we are not trying to free up our chairs- we do our very best to make it about you.