A little bit about the Wineding and our values

So we wanted to start this blog to let our customers and anyone interested in beauty tips know- we are here just for you. Here's the thing: Hayley and I the Wineding founders, are just like you- we want beauty to be simple and fun- and for everyone. We've all been to salons that look like farms- one chair after the other and you are either rushed out or feel completely bombarded by what is going on around you. Well at least that's me- I'm the regular 30 something - shy, professional. I need my hair and beauty routine to be easy because my day to day job is a challenge. I like privacy and I don't like salons that look like farms.  So Hayley who is the mad talent and me the business brain came up with the Wineding- it's a place designed to make the beauty experience comfortable and professional. The Wineding is unique- it's set apart by that privacy and we assure our customers that we are not trying to free up our chairs- we do our very best to make it about you.