Ultimate Skin Expert Advice By Hayley

Skin is awesome- it braves the elements for us everyday.  Water is awesome. Your skin loves it. It wants more than what we drink. Support your skin where it is- on the surface. Put your water ON. Good hydration remedies a multitude of unsightlies from fine-lines to rough textures to congested pores (making difficult extractions easy).  You can get your hydration in different forms, so you find the one you'll actually use like boosters, masques, cleansers or daily moisturizers.

Here are my I'd-punch-you-if-you-tried-to-take-aways:
Regarding hydration:
the Skin Hydrating Booster, Skin Hydrating Masque, Essential Cleansing Solution, Ultra Calming Cleanser, Intensive Moisture Balance.  (10% off if you tell me this inspired you)
Your skin works really hard. Let it drink.  
Ultimate Skin Expert