Ode to Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier


Oh Clearing Mattifier, summer weather is approaching... Oh, this ghastly heat..!
I feel the heat upon my oily skin.  Now again, with all my shine present, how do I love thee? I must confess- let me count the ways...! 

You're there for me in the morning, just before my moisturizer.  Your velvety, matte finish offers great make-up priming benefits! 

During my day, you keep my skin matte and allow me no worries: your purification benefits clear my pores to treat & prevent breakouts!  

Towards the end of my day for a refresh, (instead of reapplying powder) I reapply YOU!  My skin once again feels clean and refreshed.  

Your hydration and oil absorbers are top notch- I never feel tight or dry.  

So this ode to you- Clearing Mattifier and heck- an Ode to Summer!  As long as I have you in my purse, I'll get through this one, and shall look forward to the next.